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Wrecking salmon


Most people fear cooking fish because they consistently overcook it. We have suggested previously that you begin learning about fish by cooking Alaskan cod in the oven using a miso marinade. It is such an oily fish that overcooking is difficult.

Now Bon Appetit gives us a technique for perfectly cooked salmon here.

We asked Chef Loseto for his comments. He offered his own take, stating, “The method is very common and the fish does come out with a crispy skin. I would cook it 50% of the way then flip it and let the residual heat cook it another 20% of the way. Then it will be warm and slightly under cooked which would be perfect. “I wouldn’t cook 90% of the way with the skin down. That would make it over cooked before you even flip it.”

The Chef went on to say, “Cooking is hard because there are always lots of variables. In this case, the three minute guideline in the article depends on the cooking temperature, the outside temperature, the thickness of the salmon and the species of salmon. It is best to keep it undercooked during the process so you can finish it properly at the very end.”

Sorry, it is not as dead-easy as described in the article.