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Winter sets in to the Ontario Food Terminal


The Chef reports that the winter season is upon us with very few farmers present at the Terminal. Still selling are good looking Ontario beets, carrots, leeks, parsnips, apples and pears. Many of these are hard to find now at supermarkets which have given up on the Ontario crop.  Finished are Ontario peppers and tomatoes although a few are still around but should be avoided.

The California crop is in and the Chef bought fennel, cauliflower, celery, leeks, rapini, brussels and artichokes; all really nice. There were no shortages of vegetables this year as there were last year. As a result, prices are still low but they are starting to rise for the Holidays. There was a lot of good looking citrus but the Chef continues to like the satsumas the best. He also favors the California table grapes this year. Pomegranates from both California and Israel are sweet and good. Persimmons from California are not sweet enough this year.


The global avocado shortage is over and prices have come down to reasonable levels. The chef bought Italian kiwis and Spanish pomegranates which he thought were superior. Also from Italy are nice looking plums and kiwis.

A dry period awaits us in terms of new produce. Not until January will we see blood oranges, mangos and papayas starting to arrive.

The Chef continues to receive wild chanterelles and pine mushrooms from BC but they are ending soon. He continues to recommend the Ontario farmed Matake mushrooms that he likes.

We are in a tough season for fish, as the fishing season in the Maritimes for our usual OceanWise certified supplies begins to wind down. We will be shifting from cobia and swordfish to wild striped and black bass. The Chef continues to use farmed Atlantic salmon from Nova Scotia. Some of you may remember what wild, light pink, sweet Atlantic salmon used to taste like before it was fished out. It was heaven and after decades, this taste is back at GEORGE.

Pumpkin desserts are about to end, being replaced by a rhum baba and Kalua drenched chocolate crepes. The Chef continues to roll out superior gelatos, capitalizing on his summer at the ice cream university in Bologna. Currently he is offering avocado, espresso and a series of lemon; all of which are highly recommended if you like proper Italian ice cream – and who doesn’t!