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When is a chicken sandwich no longer a chicken sandwich


The CBC program Marketplace irritated the fast food industry recently by investigating what chicken sandwiches actually contain. The results were disquieting. The CBC found that the poultry-like substance in the sandwiches they tested contained anywhere from 90% to only 42.8% chicken.

An article describing this Marketplace segment appeared in a Canadian trade magazine, Meat Business.

One difficulty is that it may put you off buying further chicken sandwiches. For example, the article states that the researchers from the CBC who worked on this program found that fast food chicken contained 10 times as much salt as home- prepared. Even worse, Subway, in their defence, rashly listed all of the ingredients which go into their chicken. It’s enough to send you back to the stove to cook it yourself. If so, get a copy of Chicken, Over 200 recipes by Catherine Phipps which we reviewed last year.

Photo by Linzi