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This year’s cook books


Of all the books we reviewed this year we liked the following ones the best:


  • Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat. With a foreword from Michael Pollan who says that Samin Nosrat taught him how to cook, this book teaches the four cardinal rules of cooking on how to apply salt, fat, acid and heat to ingredients. The object of the book is nothing less than to steer readers to a point where they can cook without recipes. We bought the book at the beginning of the summer and totally failed to follow the first instruction which is to read the entire book first in order to understand how to use it. But we are convinced it is the way to go to improve as a cook.




Best Stocking Stuffer for Home Cooks.


Current edition (January, 2018) of Bon Appetit which provides many good comfort food recipes and ideas.