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Solving a Toronto problem when you receive a gift of panettone


During the holiday season, well-meaning friends sometimes drop off beautifully wrapped panettone as a present. Non-Italians tend to wonder what it is and what they do with it. An article appeared recently in the New York Times which describes panettone as the lightest bread made and the hardest to make. See here.

We notice a reluctance to cut into the gifted panettone because it is expensive and you want the right occasion where it will all be used up. This article has a recipe for bread pudding which sounds delicious and solves the problem of being hesitant to cut into it.

So we raced out to Sud Forno which was rated as the best panettone baker in Toronto and for $35, bought a loaf. We still have not cut into it but during the holiday season we will try the recipe with a nice stale loaf required for the bread pudding.

Photo by Meredith Heuer for The New York Times