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Making toast with artisanal bread


If you’re going to eat bread, artisanal bread is the way to go. It tastes good and makes you feel like you are doing something healthy when you are gobbling toast.  If it is truly artisanal, it does not contain the indissoluble and indigestible product known as gluten powder. This stuff is added to all commercial breads to enable the dough to hold together when steel paddles are applied to the dough in the mixing process. No one seems to know what gluten powder does to your body. At GEORGE we never use it.

A problem with artisanal bread, however, is that it gets stale very quickly after you cut the first slice. Here is the solution: slice it as soon as you get home and pack it in one or more plastic freezer bags. Remove it slice by slice as needed and toast without defrosting.

Our baker tells us never to freeze bread before it is cooled completely, otherwise it will sour. He also says that we use any bread frozen in the restaurant within two days – but he allows that for toast it will last for a week in the freezer without degrading. So start slicing and bagging the excellent Pain Intégral whole wheat sourdough bread from Sud Forno as soon as you get it home.

For a variety of interesting recipes to make superior toast, see the January, 2018 issue of Bon Appetit.