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Cottage bread: this year we attempt to do kneadless non-gluten – and fail


For a few years now, we have communicated a kneadless bread recipe so that you could secure good bread at your cottage, the supply north of Toronto being what it is. We tried to improve it every year and we thought last year’s recipe was pretty good.

This year, we read a non-gluten recipe online and thought we might try it and publish it here. Our baker was skeptical but duly followed the recipe. While the loaf looked good, it did not rise and was leaden. The ingredients were mainly starch and taken together, were so off-putting that we were reluctant to suggest it even if it had worked.

The whole exercise once more put us off non-gluten substitutes. Best to avoid any prepared food stamped non-gluten because there may be no goodness or food value in the item. A handy chart showing what actually contains gluten was published recently in Bon Appetit magazine and reproduced below. Even more discouraging, an article appeared commenting on an Israeli study which concluded that artisanal bread may not be any better for you than Wonder Bread depending on the make-up of your microbiome. See here.