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Champagne glasses


What better to end the day than a delicious glass of champagne before sitting down to dinner? The traditional glassware producers like Reidel have spotted an opportunity for themselves and this article reviews what is coming. It seems like a rather desperate marketing feint since the glasses in the article and their design characteristics seem a bit boring.

For anyone who wants to see wonderful champagne glasses, which the British call champagne saucers, go to the Sofitel Hotel in Terminal 5 at London and install yourself in the Belle Epoque Champagne Bar. There you will drink Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque champagne with rather tall glasses engraved with the beautiful Belle Epoque design.


When we returned from that trip we contacted Perrier Jouet here and asked if we could order them on the understanding we would fill them with Perrier Jouet champagne. Never heard back.