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Barbaresco – a rethink years later

Photo: John Anthony Rizzo

Quite a few years ago we attended a Slow Food Conference in Turin with the Chef. At that time, we took the opportunity to visit the Langhe wine region immediately south where we explored on foot the beautiful Barolo hills. While the Barolo wines we tried were fantastic, we also discovered the adjacent and less known Barbaresco wine area. In the end we preferred these wines to the Barolos. One problem with them is that they have to be well aged. We were told that aging should be for minimum of 10 years.

On returning to Toronto, it proved very difficult to find Barbaresco wines that old and we forgot about them. Recently however, an Article appeared in the Financial Times recommending them, see here. This article accurately describes how good Barbaresco is.

In questioning our Sommelier, she said that now they really only need to be 7 years old to become eminently drinkable adding that they are never released for the first 4 years. She pointed out that we had some on our wine list and good ones, ready for drinking, were available at the LCBO in Toronto.

So if these lighter food friendly wines are a mystery to you, they are available. You will be intrigued if you read the above article.

Photo by John Anthony Rizzo