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A delicious seasonal beet salad


Chef Loseto loves Ontario beets at this time of year and combines small golden, candy striped and red ones. When you or possibly your mother cooks beets, they can be awfully bitter and many people avoid them. When we saw a recipe for sweet young roasted beets, we decided to test it for results and it turned out to be wonderful. See here.

We showed the Chef the recipe and he suggested the following modifications

  • Substitute olive oil for vegetable oil
  • Go easy on the Dijon mustard and indeed use half of what the recipe calls for. The Chef warned that mustard would work the wrong way if the beets were at all bitter.
  • Add to the salt and pepper thyme and rosemary
  • Add to the marinade 4 tbsps of white wine for flavour enhancement

We prepared the recipe carefully with the turkey dinner but tasted it alone and it was sensational even though we forgot the white wine. Unfortunately, a guest in a surfeit of enthusiasm poured way too much vinaigrette dressing on the beets as they were being served and ruined them. We tried the recipe again the next day going easy on the vinaigrette and the beets were delicious.


Photo by Karsten Moran for The New York Times