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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Vintages Release Nov 11, 2017 recommendation

GEORGE’s sommelier, Brie Dema previews Vintages’ latest release and picks three of the best: N/V Blue Mountain Brut, Gold Label, Okanagan, Canada $29.95 #0206326 A lovely bubbly to toast special occasions but priced for everyday enjoyment. Made in the Traditional method from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, this toasty yet fruity sparkler is perfect for Read More


Finally, a book exposing the nonsense written about food

Advice on avoiding foods has been liberal over the past years. An article in the New York Times reviews a book attempting to debunk the alleged dangers of salt, fat meat, cholesterol, gluten and other eating hazards. Read the article and you might be interested to read the book.


Wrecking salmon

Most people fear cooking fish because they consistently overcook it. We have suggested previously that you begin learning about fish by cooking Alaskan cod in the oven using a miso marinade. It is such an oily fish that overcooking is difficult. Now Bon Appetit gives us a technique for perfectly cooked salmon here. We asked Read More