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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


The season for Ontario abundance is finally here

Chef Loseto holds that the farmers always complain, and this week, it is about the cold and rainy weather we have had. Produce is late and water-logged, decreasing their yields. But so far, the Chef says, Ontario produce has been excellent, if slightly scarce. Prices are up a lot from last year at this time Read More


Fake labelling

For years now, the Chef has been talking about instances of mislabelling which he comes across regularly in supermarkets. In these cases, the mislabelling is absurdly apparent because the name of the country which the shelf label gives (Canada, for example) is different from the label written on the produce itself. But with general price Read More


Summer food books

We review two books for lazing-about summer reading. Imagine, for example, that you had discovered a place in France which was beautiful, underdeveloped, not overrun by tourists, and pleasantly bucolic. That might be Gascony, and in particular, the Department of Le Gers – just west of Toulouse close to the Pyrenees. In 1801, about 258.000 Read More