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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Spring is emerging slowly

Chef Loseto returned to GEORGE unexcited by how slowly the spring season is taking off. Not only are there few spring products, but what was there tended to be expensive. It’s a waiting game this year. But there were a lot of flowers at the Terminal. The initial rumour going around was that Ontario had Read More


Is salt good for you?

Over the years we have reported on scientific advances which challenge old ideas of what is good for you to eat. Pretty much everything our mothers told us may be untrue. Along comes another article which challenges conventional wisdom- the admonition not to eat salt or too much of it, Everything We Know about Salt Read More

Abstract blur supermarket retail and shopping mall interior for background

Is there a future for supermarkets?

An article in The New York Times reviews the latest book by well-known food author Michael Ruhlman, Grocery: the Buying and Selling of Food in America. Ruhlman notes that with the entry of other retailers into the business of packaged food the competition is heating up in the industry. The problem is that margins in packaged Read More