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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Bread – what’s in it?

An article on the blog Nutrition Action sets out the basic differences in types of commercially produced bread. It also comments on the very dubious packaging claims. The article sets out the problem as follows: “Buying bread is often more complicated than it should be. What are shoppers to make of claims like “made with Read More


Pancake recipes

Is there nothing better than pancakes on the weekend with friends? A mix used to be sufficient, but once you try fresh ingredients, you feel 100% better about yourself even as you slather on warm soft butter and copious quantities of sticky maple syrup. (pronounced sear-up not sir-up please). Our cooking bible, The Food Lab Read More


Memories of salmon

Years ago at the London School of Economics, one of the pleasures of living in London was to be able to meet a certain type of international American who was characterized by both a sardonic smile and a wry wit, somehow typically American. There were not many of these people in London, but they enlivened Read More