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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


When is a chicken sandwich no longer a chicken sandwich

The CBC program Marketplace irritated the fast food industry recently by investigating what chicken sandwiches actually contain. The results were disquieting. The CBC found that the poultry-like substance in the sandwiches they tested contained anywhere from 90% to only 42.8% chicken. An article describing this Marketplace segment appeared in a Canadian trade magazine, Meat Business. Read More


Anguilla beckoned

Last year’s vacation in Anguilla was so successful that we returned this year. We rented a house on the sea and relatives joined us. This year, the winds were up as they sometimes are, but it was as wonderful as we remembered. More restaurants were serving Asian or Asian inspired food this year. This seems Read More


Variety of citrus fruit hits Ontario

A bit of a spike in warmer weather was good for Ontario hothouses, and the Chef found hothouse cucumbers and eggplants with a few tomatoes at the Ontario Food Terminal. Ontario produce available included: apples, squash, and many root vegetables. The Chef thought that the Ontario leeks were suspiciously thin and wondered whether the vendors Read More