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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Bad times for sugar

Dan Barber, America’s most famous farmer/chef, reviews a new book by Gary Taubes, The Case Against Sugar, see review here. This book places the blame squarely on sugar for the rise of diabetes and heart disease in the US population. But is there anything new in this? Gary Taubes has been attacking the use of Read More


Trend to non-alcoholic drinks

January is traditionally the month where many drinkers quit for one month of the year. This year, according to a few reports, a non-alcoholic drink trend is developing in Europe. These drinks are characterized by complex flavours, fine and rare ingredients, and very little sugar. Alcohol consumption in the UK fell by 26% from 2002 Read More


Brits have more to worry about than Brexit

The Financial Times warns that Brits should avoid cooking methods which generate carcinogenic chemicals. Something called acrylamide is formed by cooking starchy potatoes at high temperatures too long and it can cause cancer. At the same time, we noticed that the BBC ran a story stating that acrylamide can also form on slightly burnt toast. Read More