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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Jancis Robinson reveals two classic TV series

Jancis Robinson, possibly the most well-known wine critic in the world, tweeted the release of two BBC series featuring a younger her, filmed in the 90s. The first, filmed between 1991 and 1998, is entitled “Vintners’ Tales”. It consists of 9 ten minute segments of interviews with the then leading British luminaries in the English Read More


Alternative to cooking salmon at home is Spanish mackerel

In an article entitled “Mackerel, Milder Than Salmon and Just as Delectable,” the New York Times presented an easy home recipe for Spanish mackerel, which it claims rivals the ease of home cooked salmon fillets. This piqued our interest because some of the best fish presented by GEORGE over the years has been Spanish mackerel from Read More


A recent footnote on the GM crop muddle

A recent headline in The New York Times “Doubts About the Promised Bounty of Genetically Modified Crops” caught our attention. The article compares crop yields and pesticide use in Europe where Genetically Modified (“GM”) crops are outlawed, with results in Canada and the US, where they are permitted and common. The result; in Europe, non GM Read More