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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Mystery resolved on how to fry chicken perfectly

The New York Times recently published this article on how to make perfect fried chicken. The article states the obvious, that the secret lies in covering the outside of the meat and skin with starch, to achieve a coating every bit as good as Colonel Sanders did. At the same time the article was published, Read More


Hoodwinked for over 50 years by Big Sugar

A paper published recently by JAMA Internal Medicine, prepared by academics at the University of California, San Francisco, states that the Sugar Association paid for misleading research 50 years ago that redirected the link between heart health and sugar consumption to heart health and saturated fat instead. An article in the New York Times How Read More


Swerves down memory lane

The latest New Yorker, the style issue, includes a book review on Paul Freedman’s Ten Restaurants that Changed America. Six of them are in New York. We recall some of these restaurants from the sixties and our single clearest memory was how poor they were. They were either managed with a clear goal to cater to Read More