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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Are really expensive restaurants the next trend?

We hear stories of new restaurants starting up which are characterized by serving rare and expensive food items at huge prices. Since trends often start in California, we were interested in an article in the NYT recently, Dinner, Disrupted that reviews what is happening in California. The writer, who was a former food journalist, reported Read More


The mystery of vitamins

The celebrated food writer Michael Pollan famously advised, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” This excluded vitamin supplements. This advice remains controversial because the supplement industry is a global multibillion dollar industry. If you had a mother who ceaselessly urges you to take your vitamins you are likely confused. Here is a new book, Read More


The Ontario summer – perfect for vacationing, awful for farming

Chef Lorenzo Loseto reports from the Ontario Food Terminal that pretty much all Ontario produce is now available and will continue to be for the next month. This excludes a few items which have vanished like fava beans, English peas and okra. Cauliflower is in short supply. All of these were planted as a second Read More