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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


It’s as good as it gets here

Chef Loseto reports from the Ontario Food Terminal that we are now at the best time of the year for local produce. We have had no inclement weather or frosts this spring or summer with the only exception being, that it has been terribly hot, causing the supply of berries, fava and beans to contract. Read More


Ontario Garlic: The Story from Farm to Festival by Peter McClusky

Here‘s a book which tells you all you need to know about Ontario garlic: how to grow it, how to cook with it and the science of garlic. Better still, there are chapters on the history of its introduction to Ontario by ethnic communities immigrating here. The hostile initial views about garlic held strongly by Read More


Making no-knead bread at the cottage

Our annual recipe update With cottage season comes a requirement for fresh, homemade, no-knead bread! Each season we work with GEORGE’s Baker, Shawn Gabrysch to perfect our no-knead bread recipe–which originally appeared in the New York Times. With simple twists and modifications, we’ve improved the original recipe–thanks to Shawn. From a cast iron, enamel pot Read More