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Blog: Ecclesiastes 3


Champagne and Prosecco – one no growth, the other exploding

The Financial Times presented an analysis of the UK market for champagne and prosecco which was illuminating. It turns out that Champagne sales from France into the UK have been flat or slightly down since 2008. Prosecco sales are up 6000% over that same period. Champagne is of course expensive compared to prosecco. The article Read More


Report on left-over panettone

In December we suggested that when your Italian friends gave you a panettone, there was a way to use it if you did not finish it. That would be to make bread pudding and we supplied a recipe. We used a panettone we bought for the extravagant price of $35 from Sud Forno. Here is Read More


A Canadian food success story

Instant Pot is a combination electric pressure cooker, saute machine, steamer and slow cooker developed by an AI computer wonk, Robert Wang. He was laid off from his job in Ottawa just as the financial crisis arrived on 2008. He developed the machine and with help from Amazon (but with no marketing budget) is now Read More